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China Town visit

Year 2 Celebrates the Chinese New Year

The Year two children visited London’s  Chinatown on Friday 8th February to celebrate Chinese New Year. They travelled on the underground, demonstrating the school’s commitment to using public transport whenever possible.  Although the trip focused on Chinese New Year,  the children also learned about navigating around London on public transport - something they much enjoyed!

Once there, the children were exposed to a variety of new sights, sounds and smells. Everyone enjoyed the colourful decorations and beautiful lanterns that were on display.  Lunch was served at Feng Shui Inn, a family-run Chinese  restaurant modelled on a traditional Chinese travellers' inn.

Jane the proprietor of the restaurant, told them the story of the Chinese zodiac and explained The Chinese New Year traditions and customs.  She organised an exciting quiz for them and the visit ended with each child being  given a wonderful gift.  A chorus of, “Kung hey fat Choi” rang out as the children left the restaurant. A thoroughly enjoyable visit was had by all!