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Covid Measures

Keeping safe and well

Here at the Avenue we have implemented several measures to help us all adapt to life with Coronavirus.

Staggered drop-off and pick-up times have been implemented for each class to ensure as little congestion as possible during the school drop off and pick up times.  Every day the children are met at the school gates by a member of staff in a protective visor and/or a mask, where the children’s  temperature is taken.   After this they must wait in line on the ramp, spaced 2 metres apart. Blue and yellow cut out footprints have been placed every two metres to help the children and parents identify the correct distance while waiting for their child to be called up individually,  checked in and to enter the building.

At the beginning of the year we decided to move all parent meetings online via Zoom to help limit the number of people coming  in and going out of the school on a daily basis. Our parents have found this more convenient with the added benefit of no longer having to find child care to attend meetings.

We have taken  extra precautions  to keep staff and children safe during Covid-19 when off site.  We have asked our pre-prep pupils to wear masks on the coach when going to and from off-site activities such as swimming and the children are finding it fun to wear their unique masks, enjoying making  comparisons! We hope our actions are helping to alleviate any anxiety the children may be experiencing post-covid in our bid to  normalise life in School.