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Planning Permission

The Avenue Pre-Prep and Nursery has recently submitted a revised planning application to Haringey to replace two older buildings on the property with a new, purpose built single storey classroom. This classroom will allow us to extend the hours on site for the nursery class from midday until 3pm.  The majority of parents living in London both work and as a result, require a full day for their nursery children - as provided by most State and private Nurseries.

Frequently asked questions

We are doing this to not only enrich the local community but to solve an issue local parents are experiencing.

We have been a part of the local community for more than 40 years and have been at the current site for 30 years. Before the move to no 2, Highgate Avenue, the school operated from no 1, Highgate Avenue for over 12 years. It has been a lifetime’s work. Without the Avenue Pre-Prep and Nursery School, there would  no longer be a valuable asset for the local community and  local parents’ needs would not be met. A longer day is something parents require and it is vital that young families continue to be  attracted to Highgate. Childcare provision is paramount.



As the school is located in the Highgate Conservation Area, we have taken great care to make sure the new building will be in keeping with the character of the local area. We have taking previous concerns raised by our neighbours into account in our redesign. 

We have worked extensively with our architect to minimize any effect the new building will have on local residents’ views into our garden.

As recommended by Haringey Planning, we have now incorporated a “green/living” roof into the design to mitigate the new classroom’s impact.  The proposed “living” roof will help the classroom blend in with its surroundings.


We have no intention of reducing the grassed area of the garden.  Our school’s ethos is to retain our local, small and nurturing environment, so developing it further would be in conflict with our mission. In addition, one of the school’s main advantages is the green space it has preserved at the rear of the school for over 30 years. 

The Arboricultural Report and Structural Report demonstrate that the building will be of no harm to existing trees.  A fig tree will be replaced with two new trees. By incorporating the green roof, we are in fact increasing the area’s current vegetation.
The majority of our previous applications to the Council over the past 25 years have been for pollarding and tree maintenance, often at the request of  neighbours.

We do not believe this to be the case and will not be requesting zig-zag lines to be installed.

We are not increasing the number of children on the roll and most parents either walk or take public transport to the school (see report on-line) therefore traffic and parking should not be affected.  Further, this will actually allow parents to make fewer journeys to and from school. Those with children in multiple years will be able to pick their children up in one trip and should the years release be staggered it is important to note there in no more than 15min between each release and with the proximity to the woods and the Highgate it will result in more community use of the area.

Over the years we have made safety on the local street a high priority and have to date never received a formal complaint about traffic.  We actively promote alternative modes of travel through TfL’s STAR programme of which we have recently achieved gold status.


No, however the number of students on site at any one time will change.

As we want to move our pre-Nursery children (aged 2 and 3/4yrs) from the afternoon to the morning, our numbers in the morning will exceed 75 – our current approved number at any one time. The Pre-Nursery group starts in September with approximately 8 pupils and increases during the year to a maximum of 15 by the Summer Term, so a maximum of 90 children at any one time   - mornings only.  We will frequently have fewer than 90.


We are only extending the hours of the Nursery children to 3pm instead of midday.



Simply put no, and this is for a variety of reasons.

  • As the building will be contained it will not produce more noise.  We have also reduced the number of opening doors on  the design to ensure this.
  • The number of children allowed in the garden at one time is currently 35 except on rare occasions. (fire drills, sports day) This number is will remain the same. Play times are staggered.
  • Further acoustic screens will be added to ensure the noise in neighbouring gardens will be kept to a reasonable 65-58 dBA on the LA Scale.

There is no indication at all that accidents are caused by school drop offs.

We have never had a child or family involved in an accident at this junction. The Avenue has spearheaded several initiatives to make the area safer including in 2002, successfully petitioning the council to increase the time for pedestrians to cross the Archway Rd and lowering the speed limit to 20 mph in the surrounding area. Road safety is taught in School and we have achieved our Silver STARS award, working with the Haringey school safety Team.

If you wish to support this application please follow this link. It would be very much appreciated.   If you have any concerns or would like to arrange a visit please call us on 020 8348 6815 or email

Complete details of the application can be found by following this link