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STARS Gold Award

TFL has awarded the Avenue Gold accreditation

We are very pleased to announce we have achieved the GOLD accreditation for the STARS programme. STARS - Sustainable Travel: Active, Responsible, Safe, is TFL’s accreditation scheme for London Schools, the aim being to encourage sustainable, safe, active and responsible traveling. As a Gold accredited school, we are among the top 10% of London schools setting high standards to inspire others and transform travel habits. It also means we have demonstrated over the past 3 year we have not just encouraged more eco-friendly travel but demonstrated at least a 6% shift away from single car use or at least  90% of pupils travelling actively to and from school.

We would like to thank all the pupils, parents and carers for taking part in our various walk to school days and demonstrating active travel initiatives.

Please check out our school calendar in the parents portal for other active travel events and keep Up To Date with the various activities we will be doing throughout the year to encourage safe and responsible travel.

The next activity we have planned is walk to school day on the 4th of October. We want to encourage everyone to take part by either taking public transport, walking, or parking and striding to school.  Road Safety Week commences on Monday, 18th November. Further details will be available nearer the time.

Many thanks,

Kobi Fysh (  STARS  Coordinator)



STARS gold award
STARS gold award