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Outside the Classroom

Beyond the classroom

At the Avenue, learning is not confined to academic lessons in the classroom. 

We believe that if you embrace a child's natural curiosity and love of learning, their future will be a bright one.

The prep school curriculum is often enhanced by visiting speakers, helping to foster an understanding of cultures, attitudes and interests which lead to mutual respect and tolerance.
We organise visits from a variety of outside speakers to engage and inspire our children.  In the past we have welcomed visiting authors/poets, our local Met as well parents who can contribute to a topic e.g. religious  festival.

We believe that school trips, linked to the curriculum,  play an important part in children’s learning.

Each class in the Pre-Prep will go on at least one school trip per term. All trips are linked to the relevant topics for each class and are designed to develop the children’s understanding and learning.

The Science & Natural History Museums, Museum of Childhood, National & Portrait Gallery, Fire Station, Knebworth House, Windsor Castle and Postal Museum are just some of the places our pupils visit.

Several after school clubs are provided to further enhance our pupils’ creativity and physical skills. These vary through out the year, are important additions to school life and financed by the school. Examples on offer are football, drama, tennis and woodwork.


Football/Carpentry (Winter Term)

Tennis/Carpentry (Summer Term)

3.30 - 4pm



3.15 - 4pm

Our cookery classes offer children an opportunity to learn about where food comes from and how to make healthy food choices. Getting children involved in making their own food often encourages them to try new foods and develop an Interest in food preparation. 

These classes are cross curricular and help children develop a wide range of skills including; Maths skills, Fine Motor skills, an appreciation of other cultures, an understanding of where food comes from and good hygiene practices, to name a few. The classes link in to current topics and festivals we celebrate providing a practical experience of things they learn about in the classroom.