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At the Avenue, Sport is an integral part of our curriculum and weekly PE sessions, swimming and daily playground activities are enjoyed by all.

Participating in sports helps to develop children’s health and contributes to their psychological and social development.  Sport has also been shown to have a direct result on a child’s academic development with even moderate activity shown to improve a child’s memory and their reading and arithmetic skills.

Benefits of Sport:

Increases self-esteem
Encourages team work
Develops problem solving
Improves concentration
Utilises communication skills
Improves academic performance
Helps to relieve stress Increases Self-Esteem
Exercise is known to relieve stress; something children today are experiencing more often.  By instilling a love of exercise we aim to equip the children with an important tool they can use throughout the rest of their lives.  Years 1 & 2 and Reception classes enjoy weekly swimming lessons at a local private pool and, in addition, football and tennis are offered as after school club activities.
A Reception student practicing his football skill during PE.